Train For Ukraine

Just $400 can turn a Territorial Defence volunteer into a capable defender

1 500 out of 50 000 volunteers trained

Our Mission

In a modern warfare skillset is statistically proven to be one of the most decisive factors. With all the material support coming to Ukraine now, most of the voulnteers still have no military experience.
TrainUkraine focuses on providing volunteers with essential training to help them protect their homeland.

1 week of training = much greater battlefield effectiveness of a civilian

Tactical training is a key way to support Ukraine in war against Russia

Training will be provided by an internationally experienced accredited training provider, a company with substantial experience in educating UN peacekeepers, EU Police officers and security forces in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in Georgia following the 2008 Russian invasion.

Help Ukrainians protect their homes!

Our Programme

A training package has been specially designed to enable Territorial Defence Force personnel to become proficient in the core skills within a short period of time. Our highly experienced trainers will instruct students in the following:
Basic equipment handling and operation principles
To provide the recruit with a working knowledge and competence of their inventory to ensure they can effectively; safely handle and manage their equipment competently.
Basic patrolling, teamwork, use of cover, reaction to enemy forces
To provide personnel with foundation knowledge and incorporate that into realistic and expected scenarios based on territorial defence principles (surveilability, natural access, area boundary dominance).
Field craft
To give personnel and basic knowledge of how to maintain themselves in the field to enhance their deployability – to include: cooking, hygiene, kit and equipment maintenance, shelter and mental health awareness
Basic field medical training and Geneva convention/human rights knowledge
To provide personnel with a working knowledge of common injuries, how to administer basic medical self-aide and treatment of injured colleagues/bystanders – will be based around the basic kit they will be provided.
Specialist skillset training
Provide additional training for personnel in a variety of valuable skillsets including: specialist equipment, battlefield communications (aimed at reconnaissance, threat identification and reporting), anti-vehicle measures, situation specific scenarios and engineering.

Who We Are

Since the 2014 occupation of Donbas and Crimea our network has

  • Trained 600 conflict zone medics in the Donbas region
  • Deployed $3,000,000 in advanced medical devices to Ukraine
  • Conducted 43 courses across schools, universities and workplaces

Since the 2022 Russian invasion

  • Delivered in excess of 5,000 Cat IV vests and helmets
  • Provided 5000 IFAKs
  • 100 tons of humanitarian aid

Help Ukrainians protect their homes!